October 24th is World Polio Day

For many years, Rotary International and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative have been fighting for a world free of polio. This goal has come tantalizingly near — where there were houndreds of thousands new cases every year only 3 decades ago, there are less than 100 now, — and in order to eradicate this terrible disease once and for all, Rotary is organizing the 6th annual World Polio Day on October 24th, 2018. You can help with your donation on the web site www.endpolio.org.

To improve lives.
16 million people are walking today who would have otherwise been paralyzed.
To invest in the future.
If polio isn’t eradicated, within 10 years, as many as 200,000 children could be paralyzed by it each year. A polio-free world will be a safer world for children everywhere.
To improve child health.
Polio surveillance networks and vaccination campaigns also monitorchildren for other health problems like vitamin deficiency and measles, so they can be addressed sooner
To save money.
A polio-free world will save the global economy $40-$50 billion in health costs within the next 20 years.
To make history.
Polio eradication would be one of history’s greatest public health achievements, with polio following smallpox to become only the second human disease eliminated from the world.

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This meeting is dedicated to a discussion of all open issues in the club.

Guest Speaker: Roopa Menta
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The first meeting of the new Rotary year took place in the newly-renovated rooms of Coffeemania.

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