Becoming a member

If you are interested in joining our club, the first step is to send an email to the Recruitment Committee at

It helps if you tell us a little about yourself and if you are on LinkedIn, then please provide the reference. Rotary Club Utrecht International is :

  1. International – we have more than 15 different nationalities among our members, and our spoken language is English
  2. We have a lower age limit of 18. We have several members who are 30 and the average age is about 40
  3. Our fortnightly meetings are informal and friendly
  4. Our programmes are varied, interesting and enjoyable

Our recruitment policy is defined by maintaining these qualities in the club. We think that the best way for mutual introduction is prospective members’ attendance at two meetings prior to a decision. By attending a meeting you are making no commitment to join. Before attending a meeting, we shall send you a short questionnaire in order to learn some basic information about you.

The Board of the RCUI has the final decision on accepting a new member.

Members are expected to attend meetings regularly, which means at least half of the meetings. Members pay a half-yearly contribution which pays for all the expenses of the club including the dinners, the meetings, and payments to The Rotary organisation. A member does not pay extra when attending a meeting.
Members are expected to take an active part in all the club’s activities and to give a talk to the club in our series of “Sharing a cross-cultural experience”.

We are looking forward to meeting you!