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A Spring to Save Children!

A Spring to Save Children!


The Beyond Innocence Foundation has built a safe house for abused
children in the Taheta Taveta District in south eastern Kenya. In this facility up to 50 children can be cared for, receive medical and psychosocial support, go to school and start to heal from their ordeal. Unfortunately, Taheta Taveta is located in a semi-arid area and is frequently hit by long and severe droughts which makes access to clean drinking water expensive.

The well will not only supply water to the children and their caregivers, but to the surrounding community as well. This well will make the safe house self-sufficient by not only providing access to clean drinking water but also enable the safe house to start a small garden.

The Rotary Club Utrecht International, with the help of other European Clubs and the Rotary Foundation, wants to raise $40’000 to build a deep, and thus secure, well on the grounds of the safe house.

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