About the presentation: Mohammed studied Pharmacy at Damascus University and works in this field for many years, in Damascus, Abu Dhabi and Oman. It is only since 4 years, that Mohammed lives in the Netherlands with his wife and three children. They came here as refugees from Syria. He is working since 2016 for Novo Nordisk, a big pharmaceutical company he was already working for about 10 years in Damascus. He is a member of our club since 2017.

About the speaker: Mohammed will tell us about his life in Damascus, Syria, and his experience of coming to the Netherlands with his family, finding their way here in Western Europe. A theme that is important for him is to give a more profound image of the Islam. He experiences that people are often afraid and reluctant when he tells that he is a Muslim. Islamic extremism is a problem. But people almost seem to forget that the majority of Muslims is living peacefully in the Netherlands and contribute to the country. Mohammed wants to give us a more balanced image of his cultural and religious background.

March 20th, 2018 — Mohammed Alimam: Sharing a cross-cultural experience – Living as a moslim in the Netherlands
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