February 6th, 2018 — Charles Groenhuijsen, On his newest book ‘Optimists own the whole world’

About the presentation: Charles will give us an insight in the background of his newest book  ‘Optimists own the whole world – 96 reasons to look encouraged into the future’ (November 2017). His tipping points concentrate on things that are successful and give hope for a better world and better life circumstances. World leaders with a vision were able to conquer big problems and misfortune. They all have and had an optimistic view on the possibilities of change.

About the speaker: Charles Groenhuijsen is a well known Dutch journalist. He has been a USA correspondent for the NOS, the Dutch Television News report, from 1986 to 2006. After he returned to the Netherlands, he is partly working for television (especially for MAX and WNL), he is a presenter and moderator for congresses and conventions and an author of several books on actual political and social themes. Charles is also a member of our Rotary Club.