January 22ND — Berneditha Rijssel-Omusuo — Be the Inspiration

Guest Speaker: Berneditha Rijssel-Omusuo
Be the Inspiration

About the presentation: Berneditha will share some thoughts about her work with refugees. She will also talk about the international inspiration that she gets for her work from the Rotary values and ideas.

About the speaker: Berneditha Rijssel-Omusuro is a member of RC Almere. She is 36 years old, married and mother of two kids. Berneditha is a consultant with more than 10 years of experience in governmental institutions, non-profit organizations, and pribate business sector.
In the last years, she specialized in working with highly educated refugees in Utrecht. Next to it, she is a member of the city council of Almere. Berneditha has already three times visited a Rotary International Convention (Seoul, Atlanta, and Toronto).