About the presentation: Leo Samama, a member of RC Den Haag Zuid since 1996, will give a ‘short’ talk on ethics and the distinct role that Rotary has in society, followed by a ‘lengthy’ exchange of ideas and discussion on the reason(s) why we are Rotarians. What does being a Rotarian imply, for your membership, for your daily life, at home and at work?

About the speaker: Leo Samama (*1951) studied musicology and composition, among which a study period in Los Angeles with the support of Rotary International. Since the early 1970s, he is teaching music, musicology and music philosophy. He was artistic and managing director of the Residentie Orchestra The Hague and the Netherlands Chamber Choir, co-founder of the Netherlands String Quartet Academy and the Tenso Network for professional chamber choirs. Next to his diverse professional work, Leo Samama is a distinguished Rotarian with 22 years of experience in different roles. His engagement for Rotary is focused on its essential ethical responsibility and vocation.

June 12th, 2018 — Basics of Rotary
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