September 18th, 2018 — The Sasha Story – The Art of Giving

Guest Speaker: Roopa Menta
The Sasha Story – The Art of Giving

Our guest speark Roopa Menta, held a presentation about the fair-trade organization Sasha, and more generally Fair Trade and its impact.

Sasha, a not-for-profit society, has grown from 1978 where the core vision is to create prosperity through empowering and providing livelihood opportunities for Indian craft groups and marginalized communities and promote fair trade as a way of living. Sasha enables people build capacity in their communities. It is where craftsmen are enabled to run businesses where their skills are recognized. This gives them opportunity for expressing their creativity whilst providing economic and social sustainability.

The promise of Fair Trade is dignity and livelihood for producers providing the right product at the right price to the consumers. The focus of the relationships need not to be only vertical.

In her presentation, Roopa also talks about the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). WFTO is the global network of Fair Trade enterprises and the organisations that support them. WFTO is a platform where interactions between producers, buyers, artisans, exporters, etc. is created. They organize conference and create networks (both regional/national) opening better opportunities rather than when everybody operates ‘individually’ in silo’s. Currently there are more than 385 (member) organisations that are 100% committed to Fair Trade in around 75 countries.