Nalan Akyurek

Nalan Akyurek

Nalan is our club president for 2022 – 2023. She works in communication and is passionate about PR in our club. She likes to interact with people, play the piano, sing and swim in her free time. She comes from Turkey.

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Elizabeth Wetzel

Elizabeth is one of the earliest members of RCUI, currently taking part in the program committee. She is originally German and she works as a psychotherapist and coach.

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Jatin Agarwal

Jatin has been the Community Service Committee chair and is the 2021 president of RCUI. He works in the IT industry and he likes to do volunteer work in his free time. He comes from Germany

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Natàlia Leal

Natàlia is the former Club President and a member of our Programme Committee. Currently she is a lecturer and life and career coach. She likes to do jigsaw puzzles, crochet and scuba-dive in her free time. She is originally from Portugal.”

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