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The meeting will be held at the outgoing President’s residence and the key event will be the President hand-over to next year’s club president, Martha Mghendi.

The Global Grant project team will give a report about the ongoing activities. In addition, we will discuss ideas for projects and activities in the coming Rotary year. Contributions are welcome.

About the speaker:
Our speaker, Bright Richards is a writer, actor and theatre maker. He came to the Netherlands in 1993 as a refugee who left his homeland Liberia due to the civil war at the time. He followed professional training at the Theater Academie in Arnhem. He is well known in the Netherlands for his theatre productions and for his engagement with (especially young) refugees. The organisation that he founded ‘New Dutch Connections’ works and engages in different ways for the integration of migrants into Dutch Society. In 2015 the foundation got the Royal award ‘Appeltje van Oranje’, an award of the Oranje Fonds, a foundation in the area of social welfare.

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