Our meetings include socializing, talks from inspiring guest speakers, cross-cultural presentations from our members, or discussions of club affairs. Members also attend national and district Rotary events. If you are a fellow Rotarian and want to join us at one of the upcoming meetings, please contact us via our social media channels at the top left of the page or by email at rcutrechtint@gmail.com.

Our club’s in-person meetings are held bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings at De Zagerij, a short walk from Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn Station. You can find out what goes on during our meetings on our Facebook or Instagram.

Next Meeting…

14 March 2023

Judith Khajavi-Zijlstra will present a workshop on the notion of  “How to raise the voice of the unheard”.  Dr. Judith Khajavi-Zijlstra conducts research in the field of migrants, and refugees and is currently finishing her PhD research on Iranian students and scholars at the University of Amsterdam.

Past Meeting Reports