It has been a few months since our last update, but there is still much progress to report from the site of the well in Landi. While we in Europe complained about the freezing temperatures, it was the dry season in Kenya and the well really helped the local people.

local women using the well

During this time of the year, both the children in the safe house of the Beyond Innocence Foundation as well as villagers from the community in Landi depend on water from the well, which is pumped into a storage tank; it is then  available from several outlets.
One issue that has arisen is the low water pressure available at the taps; this leads to a very long waiting time when filling containers. In order to alleviate this problem, a raised platform for the storage tank is being built.

However, the dry season has now ended and the other consequence of a long droughts makes an appearance: When it does rain, the dried-out ground cannot retain enough water, and (flash)flooding is occuring all over the country. Tragedy has also hit very close to the project, as a young child from the community perished in the floods. Our deepest condolence go out to the bereaved family.

Drought and Tragedy
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