The ophthalmologic of the eye clinic from the University of Kampala needed our help, they wanted to reach more people in the rural areas and besides that they want to work more efficient.

Our club together with the ophthalmologic in charge in Kampala want to start the cataract outreach program which means that the eye doctor and the nurses will travel to different rural locations and get the surgeries done to the patients who cannot travel because of  their economical conditions and their own handicap.
The surgery itself consists of removing the clouded lens and replacing it with an artificial one.

4670 Euros

Money needed for:
1. Medical equipment budgeted for one year
2. Drugs for outreach budgeted for one year
3. Generator because there is no electricity in most of the rural areas
4. Transportation means

Our club will provide them with some new methods to organize the outing and surgeries in order to make their work more efficient and help to save some costs.


Back in 2005, Rotary Club Utrecht International (RCUI) started a project named ““Ik zie, ik zie wat jij niet ziet”’. The outcome of this project was that we raised about €6000 which was used to provide medical equipment for the eye clinic of Fort Portal in Uganda. Our club received a heartwarming reaction from dr. Nkurunziza stating that our contribution helped to give eyesight back to over 1000 people.

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