Primary education is beyond the reach of many girls born and raised in Afghanistan. The Taliban prevents them from attending regular schools. Their only chance of receiving  education is by attending small-scale private schools, usually located at their teacher’s home. Here they learn how to read, write and perform arithmetic.

The proceeds of the RCUI Charity Gala go to private, home-based schools in Tarin Kowt. Initiator is Ruud Smeehuijzen, father of Timo. one of the first and youngest Dutch soldiers who perished in Afghanistan.

The project is implemented by International Child’s Rights Organisation, Save the Children. This organisation works in close cooperation with local authorities. People from the villages are closely involved in developing educational plans for the schools. School supplies are provided and the teachers of the private living room schools receive training and guidance. All schools which are set up with these funds will be supervised by Save the Children’s programme workers.


Interested in our current project? Read more about our Rotary Year 2013/14 here.



In the charity auction in support of Afghan girls schools, the following items were auctioned:

“Berg Altena”: Screen print by Fred Breebaart 25 x 60 cm
Reserve price: € 200
“Paris” by Jeroen Hermkens, 70 x 90 cm
Reserve price: € 200
Afghan waistcoat
Beautiful handmade waistcoat from Afghanistan.
This fancy article should be in your wardrobe for your next party!
Reserve price: € 50
It Takes Two to Tango Wim Eriks 1 Wim Eriks 2
1 sculpture of the famous Clemens Briels and 2 reproductions of paintings of Wim Eriks
Reserve price: sculpture € 100, reproductions € 30 each
wine 2
Two bottles of fine red wine in luxury case, with accessories
Reserve price: € 100
Two two pencil drawings Hedwig van der Heiden
Reserve price: € 150 each
Wooden rocking motorcycle
Reserve price: € 100
Etching by Ruxandra Darie  007131050065
Etchings and paintings by Ruxandra Darie
Go Russian! Get a taste of Russia, with a dinner for two, including many healthy salads and other tasty delicacies.
Reserve price: € 50
viva mexico
Get a taste of Mexico!A delicious dinner for two with an authentic Mexican flavour. Prepared by Mexican born and raised Analine Mendiola.
Reserve price: € 50
Handmade silver bracelet
Elegant handmade hammered .925-sterling silver Bracelet from Mexico
Length 17,5 cm and weight 32 gr
Reserve price: € 120
Two membership passes for Royal Zoo Artis in Amsterdam
Enjoy Holland’s oldest zoo whenever you get a chance… with a membership pass for two people you have free access to the zoo for a whole year. You may also choose for a one-day entrance ticket for a group of up to 10 people.
Reserve price: €150