♥ voor de zorg – Meals for Healthcare Workers

Rotary Club Utrecht International is proud to have raised and donated €1200 euros to the project “Meals for Healthcare Workers”. We would like to thank everyone for their kind donations. We partnered with the “Hart voor de zorg” initiative of Smulderskookt. 100 meals were delivered to the ICU staff at Diakonessenziekenhuis in Utrecht on 2nd April and a further 120 meals to the Sint Antonius Ziekenhuis in Nieuwegein on 4th April.

The meals were shared by doctors, nurses and support staff, who ‘were very surprised to receive our generous gift’. We, like all other members of the public are grateful to all Health Care Workers in the country. Colleagues from the ICU at Sint Antonius said that they ‘love what they do for a living, even during this busy and hectic period’. We think they are going above and beyond the call of duty on the nation’s behalf, which is why we wanted to donate something nice. The same staff also told us ‘gifts like these give us a sense of appreciation’, so from the health care workers, and the RCUI, thank you again for your contribution to this wonderful cause.