20km team taking a rest in the sunshine

Two teams of Rotarians took to the streets to walk in aid of refugees and internally displaced people. A team of RCUI girls walked 20km in Amsterdam and a mixed team of RCUI and RCHI members walked 40km from Utrecht to Amersfoort.

RC Utrecht International was the only club taking part in the ‘Nacht van de Vluchteling’ but in the true spirit of our club, we invited other clubs and were joined by a couple of members of RC Hilversum International.

Our teams raised more than €3,000, money that is badly needed with more than 68.5 million people on the run from war and violence.

If you would like to donate towards this worthy cause, please do it now here: https://www.nachtvandevluchteling.nl/team/rotary-utrecht-international

The teams were tired, but a few blisters didn’t deter them from committing to this becoming an annual event for our little club!

Great work teams!

>€3k raised for refugees as RCUI teams walk ‘The Refugee Night’
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