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The Rotary Foundation funded project has started in July 2017. On this page you will find all the news posts about the progress to build the well at the Beyond Innocence Foundation Safe-House in Landi, Kenya:

It is almost one year since the start of our Global Grant project so generously supported by the Rotary Foundation and our fellow International Rotary Clubs. Thanks to the enormous efforts by our grant partners in Kenya, RC Voi and the Beyond Innocence Foundation, we were able to quickly bring fresh drinking water to the people of Landi.

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It has been a few months since our last update, but there is still much progress to report from the site of the well in Landi. While we in Europe complained about the freezing temperatures, it was the dry season in Kenya and the well really helped the local people.

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After successfully completing the bore hole, the local community was invited to celebrate this achievement at the location of the new well.

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Drilling a well is only one — though admittedly the most expensive — goal of the project. We also want to help to educate people on safe and responsible use of the new resource.

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Armed with a hydrogeological survey report and the appropriate Water Managment authorization letter, drilling at the Safe House site in Landi has begun today, July 17.  As the well will have to be deep — the water can be as deep as 200 metres below the ground level — it will still a while before the well is up and running, but we have made a huge step towards providing clean water to the children, their care takers, and the community in the surrounding village.

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I am most happy to tell you that as of March 31st  the Global Grant  Application “A Spring to Save Children” has been approved – with a small contingency concerning the budget of our Water & Hygiene Training – by the Rotary Foundation.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped with the Grant! We could not have done it without you!

After a long silence, hereby a short update on the Global Grant proposal “A Spring to Save Children”:

In February we have received an eMail and a list of questions and suggestions for improvement from the Rotary Foundation. Based on the excellent work of my fellow Rotarians here in Utrecht and in Kenya I have just submitted our response to these questions.

The progress is slow, but steady. I hope that I will soon be able to contact you again with good news. Please keep your fingers crossed!

… and now the next part of the journey begins – the proposal has been submitted and we are awaiting the comments and eventual decision of the Rotary Foundation.

And quite a journey it has been so far – many thanks to all of you for your continued support of our joint Global Grant “A Spring to Safe Children” in Landi, Kenya! A special thanks at this time to Hans-Joachim Strüder from RC Stuttgart International, who at the last minute managed to convince his district D1830 to match his club’s contribution; also
many thanks to RC Voi and Willy Mkubwa, who is the contact person of the grant in the host club, for their most helpful comments and assistance in sorting out so many important details in Kenya. And lastly, but not
least(ly?), a great thank you and a virtual bouquet of flowers to Honor who kept us on a steady path and answered all our questions – sometimes even before we knew the right question to ask!

note: the proposal was submitted in November 2011

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