Our Motto: Sharing a Cross-Cultural Experience

Reflecting on our diverse member base and English as the common language, “Sharing a Cross-Cultural Experience” represents RCUI as a club. Established in 2005, the Rotary Club Utrecht International is a young, dynamic, and enterprising club. It consists of approximately 30 members, with new members regularly joining the club — but unfortunately also members leaving due to relocation back to their home country or another country.

The club’s meetings are informal and contacts between members are close. Members have very diverse backgrounds with nationalities ranging from Indian, Turkish, Mexican, and Chinese to German, English, and Dutch. Our members are professionals working in academia, the corporate, and the public sector. The majority of our members are under 40 and more than half of our members are female.

Our Logo

Our logo was designed by one of the earliest members of RCUI, featuring a helping hand. Inside, there are symbols of the early projects of RCUI, as well as communicating people that depict the social aspect of our club as well as its passion to help others. In 2023, with the request of the district and the voting of our own members, the logo was updated with Rotary colors. The new logo uses the same hand silhouette from the original logo and its dominant feature of two people facing each other. This stands for not only the visual representation of our slogan “sharing a cross-cultural experience”, but also shows the connection and dialogue within our club. 

Our Mission Statement

Our club is a gathering of many different cultures, where members share experiences, feel safe, and help others. We maintain an open mind, care for personal development, have a positive attitude, and inspire from the heart.

Our Core Documents

If you’d like to understand our Club and how it functions a bit better, you can also take a look at our Constitution and Bylaws.